`18 K-Global Accelerator Development Project ‘RISING X’ Overseas Program Travel Agency Selection Bidding Announcement


The program is sponsored by Ministry of Science and ICT, sponsored by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, and recruited by overseas affiliated travel agency ‘RISING X’.





  1. What to bid

❍ Title

– `18th K-Global Accelerator Development Project ‘RISING X’ Overseas Program Ticket Ticketing & Subsidiary Service Procurement Service Bid Announcement

❍ Contract Period: From the date of contract to 2018.12 (Separate consultation on detailed schedule)

❍ How to bid

– General competitive bidding (autonomous bidding)

❍ Project budget: Approximately 71,600,000 won (1,600,000 won, excluding VAT)

※ The above estimated budget may be changed according to circumstances.


  1. Qualification for bidding (all qualifications below)

❍ Article 12 of the Act on Contracts with the State Parties and the Enforcement Rule of the same Act

Article 14 of the Enforcement Decree of the Enforcement Decree of the Enforcement Decree

Or if it is determined that the tenderer has made an invalid bid on purpose

Can be sanctioned by an illegal person in accordance with the relevant regulations.


  1. Outline of work

❍ Item: Ticketing and subcontracting services for overseas program tickets

❍ Target: Approximately 25 people (including RISING X participant start-up and management)

❍ Country: Thailand, Vietnam, San Francisco, Jakarta

❍ Visit schedule:

-1: In September 2018 (San Francisco)

Second: Oct. 2018 (Thailand, Vietnam)

-3: By November 2018 (Jakarta)

❍ Requirement:

– Round-trip airfare (including fuel surcharge, tax, etc.)

– Reservation

– Acting various kinds of service for travel insurance


  1. Submission documents and acceptance

❍ Required Documents:

– Bid application form (prescribed form)

– Cost calculation statement

-Business Registration

– Corporate seal certificate (within the last 3 months)

– Copy of corporate registration

– Contract (Performance) Guarantee Securities (10% of contract amount)

– Electronic income recognition

– Pledge of performance of integrity contract (prescribed form)


❍ How to Apply: Receive E-mail

– Additional application deadline: Friday, July 20, 2013, 15:00

– E-mail Address : risingx@roailab.com (ROA Invention Lab Inc.)


  1. Matters concerning invalidation of bidding

❍ According to Article 39, Paragraph 4 of the Enforcement Decree of the National Contract Law and Article 44 of the Enforcement Rule, any bidder who does not have the right to participate in the tender shall be nullified.


  1. Contact Information

❍ Bidding related : risingx@roailab.com (ROA Invention Lab Inc.)



2018. 07. 13.

ROA Invention Lab Inc. CEO


downloads :

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